Waypoint Advisors is a wealth management firm advising foundations, organizations and high net-worth families in both the financial and meaningful sides of managing wealth.

Building a strong investment portfolio then leveraging this into a plan that addresses all your wealth-related needs is something few investors can accomplish alone. That's why clients look to Waypoint Advisors as a central resource in building, managing and transferring wealth to future generations.

Acting as your investment manager and working with your legal and tax advisors, we help devise tax-intelligent plans that integrate investment strategies with retirement / estate planning and other wealth-related issues.

More than money itself, perhaps you feel that what matters most about wealth are its possibilities for leading a more meaningful life. If you want to make a difference and want the generations that follow to do the same, Waypoint Advisors can help. Building wealth and building a legacy: That's the point of working with Waypoint.



Objective Advice

Unbiased guidance, free from conflicts of interest.

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Integrated, Personalized Solutions

Investment strategies integrated with retirement / estate planning and other solutions impacting total wealth.

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Legacy Strategies & Philanthropic Services

Multi-generational support in using wealth for maximum personal meaning.

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The meaning you give to your financial wealth is a statement of who you are. --- Wealth in Families by Charles Collier