Founded in 2001, Waypoint Advisors is an independent registered investment advisory firm working with high net worth families and foundations across the country. We are holistic in our approach, coordinating with your other advisors to focus on your unique needs and objectives. We help to set a clear direction for you to reach your wealth related goals. 

We work with a select number of clients, delivering customized services with a personal touch. As a result, we enjoy enduring personal relationships with the families and organizations who entrust us with their money. As a member of the Waypoint family, you will always know that we care.

We provide objective advice. We are compensated only by clients and do not receive commissions or incentives to sell or recommend products. Our open architecture assures that our interest is aligned with yours and allows us the freedom to customize a strategy that best meets your needs. We access the resources of the finest financial minds from around the world and structure portfolios with best-in-class money managers.

We have developed a process to help you fit all the pieces of your financial puzzle together in a way that reflects your unique goals and values. We call it the “Waypoint Way™.” Our integrity is paramount and you can be sure that we will always have your best interest at heart. Earning your trust and confidence is at the core of our mission.