Your Journey

Whether you are building wealth or more concerned with leaving a legacy, it is important that your planning aligns with where you are in life. At some point, you may experience a significant life change: retirement, selling a family business, or receiving an inheritance. It may be a planned event or an unforeseen circumstance. Working together, we will create investment strategies and other wealth-related plans that anticipate or directly address your unique situation.


New baby or grandchild: Celebrating a new arrival

The new baby has arrived and you want to make sure you are prepared. While today that means a dry diaper and warm bottle, down the road it could be tuition payments and dorm fees. From Educational Savings Accounts to 529 Plans, Waypoint has the expertise to help you navigate the educational savings options so that when those days come, your family is prepared.

Career changes: Building for your future

The fundamental engine for building wealth is sustaining a vigorous and fulfilling career. That may require mid-course adjustments. We can help you develop a proactive approach to conquering the financial challenges that arise while you are pursuing your passion, developing your business, or adjusting the course of your career.

Launching the next generation

When it comes time, Waypoint will be there to help your child navigate the first steps towards financial independence. We enjoy working with your family’s next generation to make sure that they understand good financial habits like saving for a rainy day and managing credit. It’s just one more way Waypoint is there for your family.

Purchase or sale of a business

Whether it is aligning a suddenly large portfolio with post-sale goals or starting a new business, we will work with your accountants and lawyers to ensure proper consideration of your wealth plan.

Thriving through divorce

For many, divorce brings with it not only emotional challenges, but financial difficulties. With proper planning, understanding the issues and implications, you can increase the chance of reaching a settlement that works to meet the short and long term financial needs of you and your family.

Care for loved ones: Understanding the options

Discussing health care and estate planning concerns with an aging parent or relative can be uncomfortable, but initiating a timely conversation gives family members the chance to voice their personal needs and wishes. Working together, we can help you prepare for the conversation, assess the long term options and create a plan to meet your family’s evolving needs.

Planning for retirement

There are many factors to consider when approaching retirement: when to retire, lifestyle goals, available resources, and the potential risks to those goals. We can evaluate your financial situation, including social security strategies and health care options, helping you achieve your retirement goals.

Inheritance: Managing sudden wealth

Coming into large sums of money, often during times of grief, can be overwhelming. Working in concert with your other advisors, the team at Waypoint will help you prepare for and protect your new assets.

Leaving a legacy

Perhaps your primary concern is about how you can use your wealth to make a difference – by passing on your values to future generations or making a positive impact on the community in which you live. We can help you to articulate your goals and devise a plan to create a lasting personal legacy.

Death or disability: Managing decisions during difficult times

These are topics few people want to think about, much less discuss. However, sudden, unexpected tragedies without timely financial guidance could well compound personal loss with financial loss. Even if the onset of death or disability is expected, family members often find they don’t have the emotional energy to make the necessary decisions. We can help you anticipate and navigate through these difficult times.

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