Collaborative Approach

A core component of our partnership with you is proactive collaboration – with you and your other trusted advisors. Because we meet with you on a regular basis, often we are able to identify issues or opportunities that may impact your situation. When appropriate, we can bring these ideas to your other advisors. For example, over time the provisions in your wills, trusts and other estate planning documents may no longer reflect your wishes. In a similar manner, we can follow the lead of your other advisors to ensure that your financial plans are effectively executed.

Imagine your financial advisor, your accountant, attorney, and other advisors working as one orchestrated team to fit all the pieces of your financial puzzle together in a way that reflects your unique goals and values. This collaboration can simplify how your wealth is managed while creating new opportunities and savings. The result: tax minimizing strategies that tie investments with retirement and estate planning, philanthropy, insurance coverage and other financial and family matters—for one cohesive wealth plan.