Your Legacy

We recognize that true wealth is more than money. We explore with you how you can utilize your wealth to make a difference – by passing on your values to future generations or making a positive impact on the community in which you live.

Preparing the next generation

Wealth often does not survive the next generation, let alone produce a legacy. Heirs who are unprepared to manage wealth and lack of family trust and communication are major reasons for failure.

New inheritors, blended families, family business owners and parents trying to teach financial responsibility face particular challenges. Waypoint Advisors and our network of specialists can make all the difference. We help:

  • Define what you stand for and what you want your money to accomplish.
  • Express and clarify the responsibilities that come with the transfer of wealth.
  • Develop a family legacy plan that recognizes individual differences and creates collective goals. We incorporate human, intellectual, financial, spiritual, and social capital into a cohesive legacy strategy.

Charitable giving that is purposeful, effective and fulfilling

Philanthropy might be central to your legacy. If so, depend on Waypoint Advisors to manage the complex work of giving so that you can experience the joy of giving. We can help:

  • Create a vision and strategy for your philanthropy.
  • Develop a consistent process for evaluating proposals and making grants.
  • Administer the entire grant process – from taking proposals to performing due diligence to communicating and making payments to grant seekers.
  • Assess the effectiveness of your gifts against your goals.

If you want to make a difference and want the generations that follow to do the same, Waypoint Advisors can help. Building wealth and building a legacy: that's the point of working with Waypoint.